Our graphics are printed on ultra aggressive high tac 21mil industry leading material to ensure appearance and performance. Our adhesive has special air release technology resulting in fewer trapped air bubbles and easier application.

Fit / Coverage

We provide various coverage options on our machines, with the option of customizing coverage and pieces. We can do just number plates, or fenders, etc.

Due to the material thickness and adhesive, a complete seamless wrap is not possible. Our industry leading material is specialty formulated for low energy plastics on your powersports. *regular vehicle grade wrap vinyl’s are not recommended for low energy plastics and lifespan is limited. The premium material fits together like a puzzle, however there are gaps ranging from 1/6in to 1/4in depending on the machine. 

Below is an example of a yellow can-am outlander, with a blue, black and yellow wrap to make the graphics all cohesive, and blend the gaps. 



With 3 options of overlaminate, we can stock Matte, Gloss and Cosmic Sparkle finishes.